Evaluacion de competencias del enfermero especialista en enfermeria obstetrico-ginecologica utilizando la escala ecoenf

  1. Fernandez Martinez, Elia
Supervised by:
  1. Mercedes Gómez del Pulgar García-Madrid Director
  2. Juan Vicente Benéit Montesinos Director

Defence university: Universidad Complutense de Madrid

Fecha de defensa: 04 July 2018

  1. Antonio Luis Villarino Marin Chair
  2. Jacinto Gómez Higuera Secretary
  3. David Peña Otero Committee member
  4. María del Carmen Prado Laguna Committee member
  5. Sonsoles Hernández Iglesias Committee member

Type: Thesis


EVALUATION OF THE COMPETENCES OF OBSTETRICS-GYNECOLOGY SPECIALIZED NURSES USING THE ECOEnf EVALUATION SCALE Abstract: Introduction: In Spain, midwifes have to acquire during their studies the competences described in the SAS order SAS/1349/2009, however an evaluation process for theses competences is not defined. Objective: Adapt the ECOEnf Scale to the evaluation of midwifery student¿s competences. Methods: A qualitative investigation based on nominal groups and survey of expert¿s opinion was developed from the EscalaECOEnf, ECOEnfPed and ECOEnfMQ evaluation rubrics. This investigation was complemented with a psychometric validity and reliability study. Results: The ECOEnfObsGin evaluation Scale was obtained. This scale is composed of 8 evaluation rubrics: 4 transversal and 4 specific, which psychometric results were acceptable. Conclusions: The ECOEnfObsGin scale is a reliable instrument for the evaluation of midwifery student¿s competences, as well as it encourages continuous learning and feedback by tutors. For these reasons, a prototype trial of the scale is proposed to complete the psychometric study. Key words: Competency-Based Education, Educational Measurement, Nurse Midwives.