El desarrollo profesional del maestro de primaria respecto de la enseñanza de la matemáticaun estudio de caso

  1. Nuria Climent Rodríguez
Supervised by:
  1. José Carrillo Yañez Director
  2. Lorenzo J. Blanco Nieto Director

Defence university: Universidad de Huelva

Fecha de defensa: 23 September 2002

  1. Salvador Llinares Ciscar Chair
  2. Luis Carlos Contreras González Secretary
  3. Maria de Lurdes Marques Serrazina Committee member
  4. María del Pilar Azcaráte Goded Committee member
  5. Pablo Flores Martínez Committee member

Type: Thesis


It deals with the professional development of an experienced teacher who inquires into her teaching practice (in a collaborative research context). As result of our study, we contribute to the conceptualization of (mathematics) teachers� professional knowledge, placing the reflection on practice as a central issue. Our goal is to identify those aspects of teacher�s knowledge and practice that define her development, and to describe her process of reflection on her practice in relation to her development. In addition, we consider her beliefs about her development, the possible modification of these beliefs and the relation to her development. It�s a qualitative, longitudinal case study with a variety of resources to collecting data, ranging from her personal diary to external observation of her practice. We design categories to analyse the professional development of the mathematics Primary teacher (including his/her beliefs, professional knowledge, reflection on his/her practice, and personal view on his/her development).