Jean Giono y "Platero y yo"la adaptación cinematográfica como acto de re-creación

  1. Dominique Bonnet
Supervised by:
  1. Pablo Luis Zambrano Carballo Director

Defence university: Universidad de Huelva

Year of defence: 2003

  1. Jesús Cascón Marcos Chair
  2. María José Chaves García Secretary
  3. Miguel Ángel Márquez Guerrero Committee member
  4. Manuel Marín Jorge Committee member
  5. Rafael Ruiz Álvarez Committee member

Type: Thesis


This work attemps to highlight the connections between the lives and Works of Jean Giono and Juan Ramón Jiménez, which led Giono to identify himself with Juan Ramón�s poetry. Through the analisys of the technical composition of Giono�s script we discover that solicitude and the protest against the cruelty of society are pervading elements in his adaptations. We also focus on the role Giono endows Juan and Platero with, being both protagonists whereas the society of their village, Moguer, represents the antagonistic part. Likewise, we emphasize the relevance of the character called Aguadilla, the person to whom Juan Ramón�s dedication at the beginning of �Platero y yo� is addressed. IN Giono�s script she acquires a catalytic role which elicit progress of the story. Only through this perspective it is possible to understand how Jean Giono, far from betraying the Andalousian poet, make his characters, Juan Ramón�s original creatures, evolve according to his particular inspiration.