Petrología y geoquímica de rocas granitoides y enclaves asociados del batolito de los Pedroches (Macizo Ibérico)

  1. Teodosio Donaire Romero
Supervised by:
  1. Emilio Pascual Martínez Director

Defence university: Universidad de Huelva

Year of defence: 1995

Type: Thesis


The los Pedroches batholith consists of two main epizonal plutonic units. The dominant plutonic lithotypes prevailing in each of these units are a biotite ± amphibole granodiorite and a coarse-grained, biotite ± cordierite monzogranite with alkali feldspar megacrysts. Petrographic and geochemical data of this work suggest that microgranitoid enclaves hosted by granodiorites and monzogranites are not related to first-order magmatic hybridization processes, but to the late, crustal evolution of the granitoid magmas. Chemical data show a clear parallelism between the behaviour of each of the enclave-host rock associations, suggesting that, in each of the rock groups, enclaves were generated by similar processes and from melts very similar to those originating their respective hosts. This chemical, mineralogical and isotopic evenness of hosts and enclaves suggests that most of these latter are to be interpreted as autoliths.