Prototipo experimental de sistema híbrido basado en pila de combustiblediseño, modelado, implementación y testeo

  1. Segura Manzano, Francisca
Supervised by:
  1. José Manuel Andújar Márquez Director

Defence university: Universidad de Huelva

Fecha de defensa: 08 July 2009

  1. Sebastián Dormido Bencomo Chair
  2. Carlos Bordóns Alba Secretary
  3. Patricio Salmerón Revuelta Committee member
  4. Juan María Pérez Oria Committee member
  5. Agustín Jiménez Avelló Committee member

Type: Thesis


In this thesis is done the design, development, construction and testing of an experimental prototype of a hybrid system consisting of a fuel cell and a battery bank. The topology based on which has been designed and built all the power electronics for the connection scheme for feeding an isolated load. To this has been necessary to analyze the basis of the types of fuel cells exist, the various applications and commercial availability. As for a practical experimentation, has obtained a state model suitable for control of a system composed of a fuel cell and a DC/DC step-up converter topology. When interconnecting the two power sources (fuel cell and battery bank), according to the topology chosen, it was necessary to establish a voltage control mechanism (to set the voltage at each point because fuel cell power supply is not regulated) and a current control mechanism, because if there�s more than one source, we can decide the power rate to supply by the fuel cell. The built system can be parallelized to achieve high power concerns.