El proceso de la muerte en el ámbito formal de los cuidados: un estudio cualitativo desde la perspectiva profesional sanitaria de Huelva

  1. Ángela María Ortega Galán
Supervised by:
  1. María Dolores González de Haro Director

Defence university: Universidad de Huelva

Year of defence: 2012

  1. Antonio Frías Osuna Chair
  2. Ana María Abreu Sánchez Secretary
  3. Petra Rogero Anaya Committee member
  4. Rosa Casado Mejía Committee member
  5. José Luis Sánchez Ramos Committee member

Type: Thesis


This investigation has as the main goal to know, understand and interpret the meanings of the speeches, regarding the experiences of the death process from the point of view of the sanitary care area of Huelva. It is framed in the quality paradigm and it uses the phenomenological- hermeneutic method. Regarding the found evidences it is to underline: -The continuous work with people at the end of life And their families is a positive element to develop the personal growth. -The main found difficulty is the cultural pattem which permeates the society and the sanitary structure regarding death. -The nurses defend the idea that sanitary information should be a team subject. -There are a clear power-hierarchy in the professional relationships between medicine and nursery. - As for the spiritual dimension, it is a unexplored field which needs a great investigating effort.