Una aproximación teórica a la posible inconsistencia de los planes de carga obtenidos mediante la planificación de necesidades de capacidad (CRP)propuesta de un modelo alternativo

  1. Rabadán Martín, Inmaculada
Supervised by:
  1. Santiago García González Director

Defence university: Universidad de Huelva

Fecha de defensa: 28 June 2010

  1. José Antonio Domínguez Machuca Chair
  2. José Ángel Miguel Dávila Secretary
  3. María del Mar González-Zamora Committee member
  4. José María Castán Farrero Committee member
  5. Antonio Ruiz Jiménez Committee member

Type: Thesis


Capacity Requirement Planning technique (CRP) is part of ERP software packages currently on the market but it has not achieved the widespread distribution that other modules of these systems have made. Very different reasons are argued for their low use, such as the amount of detailed information required, the mathematical difficulties involved in obtaining a solution that fits the reality and the volatility of the data needed for calculations. The aim of this work is propose an alternative model to Capacity Requirement Planning technique (CRP) for short term capacity planning in job-shop configurations with simpler calculations and less requests for information. It aims to develop a plan of short-term capacity which we believe are able to achieve performance levels similar or even superior to those obtained by traditional CRP (hereinafter CRPt). For easy implementation and use of this proposal we develop a software application designed to facilitate the implementation of the technique of detailed capacity planning that simplifies the CRPt. Although it requires low hardware requirements and current environments provides the database to be recording the information on orders that are produced.