Short-term monitoring of the Spanish government deficit with mixed-frequencies models

  1. Leal Linares, María Teresa
  2. Pedregal Tercero, Diego José
  3. Pérez, Javier J.
XVII Encuentro de Economía Pública: políticas públicas ante la crisis

Publisher: [s.n.:s.l.]

Year of publication: 2010

Pages: 14

Congress: Encuentro de Economía Pública (17. 2010. Murcia)

Type: Conference paper


We construct multivariate, state-space mixed-frequencies models for the main components of the Spanish General Government sector made up of blocks for each one of its subsectors: Central Government, Social Security and aggregate of Regional and Local government sectors. Each block is modelled through its total revenue and expenditure categories, and encompasses a number of indicators, depending on data availability. The mixed-frequencies approach is particularly relevant for the case of Spain, given its institutional set-up and the specific data availability for the different subsectors. All in all, we provide models detailed enough in coverage, while at the same time manageable, to be used: (i) for real-time monitoring of fiscal policies with a focus on quarterly developments of the General Government sector; (ii) for the monitoring of general government sub-sectors for which intra-annual data coverage is limited (Regional and Local governments); (iii) to bridge (translate) into National Accounts available monthly information for the subsectors of the general government.