Pensamiento y actitud de los profesores frente a la implementación de una plataforma online en una escuela privada de Inglés

  1. Pedroso, Agostinho da Conceição
Supervised by:
  1. Isabel Cuadrado Gordillo Director

Defence university: Universidad de Extremadura

Fecha de defensa: 25 September 2015

  1. Mercedes Isabel Rueda Sánchez Chair
  2. Maria Luísa de Barros Saavedra Martins Secretary
  3. Inmaculada Fernández Antelo Committee member
  4. Francisco de Paula Rodríguez Miranda Committee member
  5. Célia Maria Adâo de Oliveira Aguiar de Sousa Committee member

Type: Thesis


This thesis aims to monitor the implementation of an online Moodle platform in a private school, from the point of view of its teachers, recording their ideas and analyzing the efforts that were made to motivate and monitor their students in this new process of communication and learning. Through this study, we aim to uncover the possible answers to questions like: " i) Does the recognition of the fortitude of an online platform and all that it offers in terms of communication and knowledge construction, allow for the creation of synergies between teachers and between them and the students, so that everyone can benefit from a tool only for the good results it can bring? ii) Are teachers motivated enough to pass on this motivation to their students? As the research evolved, several issues regarding this content were formulated and reformulated in an attempt to find how these teachers were acting and interacting on a personal and social level, how they adapted to new situations and how they faced and overcame any obstacles which they encountered.