Metalurgia de la plata en el asentamiento de bronce pleno / final de cortijo La Ramira (Salteras-Gerena, Sevilla)

  1. Pérez Macías, Juan Aurelio
  2. Carrasco Gómez, Inmaculada
  3. Vera Cruz, Elena
Huelva en su historia

ISSN: 1136-6877

Year of publication: 2005

Issue: 12

Pages: 11-52

Type: Article

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This work studies the results of the archaeological excavation carried out in a settlement of the Middle and Late Bronze Age near Cortijo La Ramira (Salseras/Gerena, Sevilla, SW Spain), and evaluates the appearance of silica-free slag in these contexts, prior to the Phoenician colonies in the Iberian Peninsula.