Foraminíferos bentónicos actuales de la plataforma continental del norte del Golfo de Cádiz

  1. González-Regalado Montero, María Luz
  2. Ruiz Muñoz, Francisco
  3. Tosquella Angrill, Josep
  4. Baceta Caballero, Juan Ignacio
  5. Pendón Martín, José Gabriel
  6. Abad de los Santos, Manuel
  7. Hernández Molina, Francisco Javier
  8. Somoza, Luis
  9. Díaz del Río Español, Víctor

ISSN: 0213-683X

Year of publication: 2000

Issue: 29

Pages: 61-64

Type: Article

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The Benthic foraminifera of the superficial sediments of several cores from the continental shelf of the north Cádiz Cu If have been analized. The distribution of these organisms shows a clear dependency to the water depth, distinguishing therefore, two different associations: the first one, an inner shelf of around 30 m depth) and the second one, a middle shelf of around 30 and 100 m depth. The transition between both associations is gradual, however, the disappearance of representative species at middle depth in the inner shelf is observed