Los ostrácodos infralitorales y circalitorales actuales del norte del golfo de Cádiz

  1. Ruiz Muñoz, Francisco
  2. González-Regalado Montero, María Luz
  3. Baceta Caballero, Juan Ignacio
  4. Pendón Martín, José Gabriel
  5. Hernández Molina, Francisco Javier
  6. Somoza, Luis
  7. Díaz del Río Español, Víctor

ISSN: 0213-683X

Year of publication: 1999

Issue: 27

Pages: 235-238

Type: Article

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The study of the ostracod distribution in the inner part of the Spanish continental she/fallows to recognize the presence of a zonation which reflects changes in both depth and substrate. Four assemblages may be distinguished: two inner infralittoral (medium sands and silty fine.to very fine sands), outer infralittoral and interne circalittoral