Sociología de la profesión de graduado social

Supervised by:
  1. María Teresa Algado Ferrer Director

Defence university: Universitat d'Alacant / Universidad de Alicante

Fecha de defensa: 13 December 2002

  1. Benjamín Oltra Martín de los Santos Chair
  2. Tomás Manuel Mazón Martínez Secretary
  3. Inmaculada Serra Yoldi Committee member
  4. Eduardo Ruiz Abellán Committee member
  5. José Andrés Domínguez Gómez Committee member

Type: Thesis

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The current analysis of professions is centred on its relation with the social structure, the organizations and politics, so that the latest trends are shaping this analysis on the base of abstract knowledge and its use by the government for the social problems’ definition and solution, this guarantees their professional expansion project and the preservation of their positions of power and privilege. Nowadays, two traditions come together in the Graduado Social that they determine the profession’s image and culture very much: the liberal tradition and the public service. At the beginning of the Spain industrialization, the small and middle businessman required a loyal and independent professional for the management of their human resources, due to lawyers worked exclusively on the defence. New professionals built their independence around these news clients, and that became the base of their economic sustenance. The tension between the principle of freedom (private service) and the compliance with the public administration (semi-official public service), mark a professional change from a model of labour management built around administrative rules, for another model that sees this occupation as a service to private businesses, which is the subject of our research.