Complejos de Cu (I) con ligandos de tipo homoescorpionato (Tpx) como catalizadores en reacciones de transferencia de carbenos a diferentes sustratos orgánicos :|befecto de los ligandos tpx en la quimio-, regio- y diastereoselectividad de las reacciones

  1. Caballero Bevia, Ana
Supervised by:
  1. Pedro José Pérez Romero Director
  2. Tomás Rodríguez Belderraín Director

Defence university: Universidad de Huelva

Fecha de defensa: 29 November 2004

  1. Ernesto Carmona Guzmán Chair
  2. Julio Antonio Pérez Martínez Secretary
  3. José Antonio Mayoral Murillo Committee member
  4. Sylviane Sabo-Etienne Committee member
  5. Eduardo Sola Larraya Committee member

Type: Thesis


This PhD is divided in three chapters. The first chapter is devoted to the synthesis and characterization of new copper (I) complexes with homoscorpionates ligands. The second chapter involves the study of the cyclopropanation reaction of a-olefins catalyzed by TpxCu complexes using ethyl diazoacetate as the carbene precursor. This complexes provides exceptionally high levels of diastereoselectivity and yields toward the cis-cyclopropane diasteromer. Other substrates, such as furans, undergoes similar transformation. In the third chapter, concerns the use of TpxCu complexes as catalysts for the insertion of ethyl diazoacetate into C-H bonds of a variety of hydrocarbons and ethers reactions in moderate to high yields.