Los puertos deportivos del Atlántico andaluz y sus implicaciones ambientales

  1. García Barroso, Mercedes
Supervised by:
  1. Juan Antonio Márquez Domínguez Director

Defence university: Universidad de Huelva

Fecha de defensa: 01 April 2009

  1. Gabriel Cano García Chair
  2. Francisco Javier García Delgado Secretary
  3. Juan Antonio Morales González Committee member
  4. Xosé Manuel Santos Solla Committee member
  5. Oscar Ferrera Committee member

Type: Thesis


In the Atlantic andaluz the administrations plead for the proliferation of marinas, regarding the high existent demand to occupy a mooring. Having to have at sports boat traffic disposal the 25% of the capacity, the infrastructures find serious difficulties to accommodate the plaintiff�s boats who increase the immovable waiting list as rights to occupy a place are renewed every year. This scenario requires actions from the Administration whose intention is to increase the mooring capacity. Nevertheless, the appearance and operation of marinas is not exempt from a series of environmental effects which must be minimised. Thus, this PhD carries out an exhaustive work about the real marinas capacity as well as the demand that uses them just to propose some alternatives which mitigate the main environmental impacts, which are widely analysed, related to the infrastructures.