Modelado computacional para el análisis dinámico, mediante método matricial, de sistemas multicuerpo de seis elementos

  1. Fortes Garrido, Juan Carlos
Supervised by:
  1. Ricardo Arribas de Paz Director

Defence university: Universidad de Huelva

Fecha de defensa: 25 September 2008

  1. Eduardo Salete Díaz Chair
  2. Fernando Gómez Bravo Secretary
  3. José Manuel Andújar Márquez Committee member
  4. Rafel Ernesto González Palma Committee member
  5. Rafael González Linares Committee member

Type: Thesis


A new computational modeling is designed in this thesis, applicable to six elements and one degree of freedom multibody systems, which are the basis of many machines and machanisms that are nowadays employed with profusion in industry. The formulation, development and validation of an algorithm to the dynamic analysis of any six elements and one degree of freedom plane multibody systems has been carried out, on the basis of the use of a numerical formulation of movement system, which are accesible for conventional progamming languages. In this progam, the dynamic analysis is tackled considering position, kinematic and dynamic restrictions to which the system to be analyzed is subjected and that can be applied in any machanism constituted by rigid elements, independently of its movement dimension, its topological configuration and its kinematic pairs which give relative movement to its links.