Caracterización físico-química del material particulado atmosférico de origen industrial en Andalucía

  1. González Castanedo, Yolanda
unter der Leitung von:
  1. Jesús de la Rosa Díaz Doktorvater
  2. José Andrés Alastuey Urós Doktorvater/Doktormutter
  3. Victoria Eugenia Cachorro Revilla Doktorvater/Doktormutter

Universität der Verteidigung: Universidad de Huelva

Fecha de defensa: 12 von Juli von 2011

  1. Xavier Querol Carceller Präsident/in
  2. Ana María Sánchez de la Campa Sekretärin
  3. Teresa Moreno Pérez Vocal
  4. José Ignacio Gil Ibarguchi Vocal
  5. Ángel Máximo de Frutos Baraja Vocal

Art: Dissertation


Particulate matter (PM) is considered a critica! parameter in assessing air quality. The particles have a very wide influence on the environment and human health. The ultimate goal of this work is the quantification of sources of PM in the three largest industrial areas in Andalusia: Ría de Huelva, Campo de Gibraltar and Bailén. The highest PM levels were recorded at the Bailén monitoring station. The chemical characterization of PM10 and PM2_5 has shown that trace elements are the main to identi:tying the characteristic chemical profile of each industrial zone. The chemical pro file is closely related with the characteristics of the activities in each area: As, Se, Cu, Cd, (Huelva); V, Cr, Mn, Co, Ni, Nb, Mo, Ba and La (El Campo de Gibraltar) and V, Ni, Se, Rb, Ba and TI show significant enrichment in PM related to the ceramic industry emissions located in Bailén.