Caracterización y comportamiento del ozono superficial en la provincia de Huelva

  1. Adame Carnero, José Antonio
Supervised by:
  1. Juan Pedro Bolívar Raya Director
  2. Benito A. de la Morena Carretero Director

Defence university: Universidad de Huelva

Fecha de defensa: 23 June 2005

  1. Manuel de Castro Muñoz de Lucas Chair
  2. Antonio Lozano García Secretary
  3. Manuel Gil Ojeda Committee member
  4. Jesús de la Rosa Díaz Committee member
  5. Encarnación Serrano Mendoza Committee member

Type: Thesis


The development of antropogenic activities have increased ozone levels in the low troposphere. The province of Huelva presents a special characteristics to formation and accumulation of ozone surface, and therefore it was decided to start a study in year 2000, to know the levels and behaviour surface ozone. The network to measure ozone concentrations consists of four stations. To make a correct interpretation of ozone concentrations, it was necessary to know atmospheric dynamic, hence we have studied the main meteorological parameters. From the winds regime and after applying a criteria to extract breeze days of wind data, we have been able to study breeze regime. Sea-land breeze in Huelva does not present always the same behaviour and it depends on synoptic conditions. We have made a study to know seasonal and daily variability surface ozone in this region. The relation between ozone concentrations and several meteorological variables such as temperature, wind speed and relative humidity, and other atmospheric parameters has been analysed. We have also evaluated the number of exceedances of the different thresholds such as health protection and vegetation protection. We have studied the behaviour surface ozone under different atmospheric conditions, thus under advection situations the ozone concentrations show small cycles while under typical sea-land breezes take place the episodes of air pollution by ozone.