Estudio sobre la orientación académica para el tránsito del Bachillerato a la Universidad de Huelvadiseño, aplicación y evaluación de un programa de orientación para el acceso a la universidad

  1. María de la O Toscano Cruz
Supervised by:
  1. Juan Manuel Méndez Garrido Director

Defence university: Universidad de Huelva

Year of defence: 2004

  1. Honorio Salmerón Pérez Chair
  2. Manuel Monescillo Palomo Secretary
  3. M. Teresa Padilla-Carmona Committee member
  4. Ángel Boza Carreño Committee member
  5. Pilar Martínez Clares Committee member

Type: Thesis


The topic of our concern has a great importante both for the students in the final steps of the Secundary Education as well as for the teachers and the vocational advisers. This important is due to the fact that they are in a moment of movement and continuation of university studies they are going to have access and from which they need previous information and guidance. In this sense, this work is submitted as an initial study and, through it, we have proved that it is necessary an academic guidance centred on the students of Secundary Education who are going to have access to the university studies soon. This is reason why the research has been centred in investigating if they know the different options the law offers to them once this educational stage is over, the requirements and tests for the access to the university studies, where the information they have about the university studies comes from, the studies they can follow in the University of Huelva, some concepts such a trunk, optional or compulsory subjects, pre-registration and matriculation periods and others aspects which will be exposed throughout this wide study.