Modelización hidrológica del río Odielaplicación al estudio de la contaminación por drenaje ácido de minas

  1. Galván González, Laura
Supervised by:
  1. Manuel Olías Álvarez Director
  2. Juan Carlos Cerón García Director
  3. Rubén Fernández de Villarán San Juan Director

Defence university: Universidad de Huelva

Fecha de defensa: 14 December 2011

  1. Antonio Pulido Bosch Chair
  2. José Miguel Nieto Liñán Secretary
  3. José María Bodoque del Pozo Committee member

Type: Thesis


The Odiel river basin is highly contaminated by acid mine drainage coming from numerous mines scattered across its basin. Continuous temporal and spatial data series are needed in order to evaluate the pollutant load carried by the Odiel river. A hydrological modeling of the Odiel watershed has been developed using the Soil and Water Assessment Tool (SWAT) software. The largest differences between observed and simulated flow occurred during dry season as the gauging station is not prepared for low water measuring. The results showed a very good value of the Nash and Sutcliffe efficiency coefficient. The results show that de Odiel river, before it flows into the estuary of Huelva, transported large amounts of toxic elements such as Al (18935 ton/year), Zn (5695 ton/year) y sulfates (320775 ton/year).