Metodología para la gestión de proyectos de puesta en valor del patrimonio minero

  1. Carvajal Gómez, Domingo Javier
Supervised by:
  1. Arsenio González Martínez Director
  2. Alida Carloni Franca Director

Defence university: Universidad de Huelva

Fecha de defensa: 14 December 2009

  1. Josep Maria Mata Perelló Chair
  2. Emilio Manuel Romero Macías Secretary
  3. Roberto Cerrini Villas Bôas Committee member
  4. Juan Aurelio Pérez Macías Committee member
  5. Paúl César Carrión Mero Committee member

Type: Thesis


Mining activities, inevitably, come to an end, and when this happens the communities go into deep decline, forcing, in most cases, an emigration to other more prosperous areas. For this reason it is necessary to generate a process of economic diversification in conjunction with the preservation of a culture rich in resources such as its Mining Heritage, and in this way reducing the depopulation and abandonment that takes place in old mining areas resulting in ghost towns. After an exhaustive benchmarking process in this Thesis a methodology for the management of enhancement projects of mining heritage is proposed. The purpose of this is to conserve and to protect the tangible and intangible with the objective of contributing to the growth of a sustainable development of mining communities. In synthesis, the mining area is a diachronic space that integrates heritage resources of great importance. It is necessary to know how to value and to manage these, with methodologies like those proposed in this Thesis.