Aplicaciones de técnicas DC a identificación paramétrica, estimación de estados y conjuntos invariantes, en sistemas no lineales

  1. Manuel Joaquín Redondo González
Supervised by:
  1. José Manuel Bravo Caro Director
  2. Teodoro Rafael Álamo Cantarero Director

Defence university: Universidad de Huelva

Year of defence: 2012

  1. José Manuel Andújar Márquez Chair
  2. Eloy Irigoyen Gordo Secretary
  3. Daniel Limón Marruedo Committee member

Type: Thesis


This thesis aims for proposing new methods: 1. For the state estimation with bounded error method. 2. For the system identification with bounded errors. 3. A method is proposed for discrimination of points in basis on cutting hyperplanes to obtain an approximate admissible invariant set, very similar to actual admissible invariant set. A method is presented guarantor for parametric estimating of nonlinear models in the context of bounded errors. OC representations are considered in the functional form of the dynamical system. Regarding the state estimation, the method proposed uses zonotopes and OC programming to obtain, a guarantor boundary of the path which is indeterminate for the nonlinear system. The final contributions propose a new oracle method to obtain cutting plans, which exclude points outside the maximum admissible invariant set, given a nonlinear system and control law. This method can be used in the context of model-based predictive control.