Educación y cultura en una villa nobiliariaZafra 1500-1700

  1. Moreno González, José María
Supervised by:
  1. Luis María Gómez Canseco Director

Defence university: Universidad de Huelva

Fecha de defensa: 10 May 2012

  1. Carlos Martínez Shaw Chair
  2. José Valentín Núñez Rivera Secretary
  3. Fernando Serrano Mangas Committee member
  4. Manuel José de Lara Ródenas Committee member
  5. Francisco Florit Durán Committee member

Type: Thesis


The realization of this study comes up under the premise of trying to shed sorne light on several aspects of the culture that the inhabitant of the town of Zafra, and most of his surroundings, enjoyed in the XVI and XVII centuries. To that end, we have focused our research on the educational aspects held, to our surprise, in great esteem by the Zafrenses. The booksellers considered a mere entelechy until then. The libraries of which always scarce information rises for this reason more value. The reading practice, closely linked to the two previous tapies. And finally, the theatre issue which carne across a faithful audience among the neighbourhood. Thematic blocks that are preceded by a chapter that announces the scenario and the period where cultural issues interact and go by.