Respuestas educativas del profesorado en la Escuela de Segunda Oportunidadestudio de caso

  1. Corchuelo Fernández, Celia
Supervised by:
  1. Juan Carlos González Faraco Director
  2. Juan Ramón Jiménez Vicioso Director

Defence university: Universidad de Huelva

Fecha de defensa: 15 July 2014

  1. Diego Sevilla Merino Chair
  2. Manuel Monescillo Palomo Secretary
  3. Vicente Llorent-Bedmar Committee member

Type: Thesis


With doctoral research Educational Responses of teachers in the Second Chance School. Cases study. We have tried to get to know the educational responses deployed by the teachers in the Second Chance Schools through a case study focused on an education center of Huelva, but whose conclusions may be applicable too ther schools with similar characteristics. To achieve that, we have summarized a model of educational attention that isused with pupils characterized by a trajectory of school failure and risk of social exclusion. In our study, we have compiled and defined good teaching practices emphasizing those that in this particular education center are obtaining a few positive results and are attracting again to the educational system boys and girls who had left it or at least they were perceiving it with big doses of skepticism, achieving that they do not resign, that they give thems elves a second opportunity and that they find a motivation that opens to them new horizons and personal and educational expectations. We have tried to employ the appropriate techniques for the objective, systematic and quantitative description of the explicitor implicit data provided by the teachers, looking for the most direct way of knowing what they do and how they do to reincorporate, motivate and teach these students. Thus, thanks to the field work of this study and tow hat the main people involved have told us, we have been able to delve deeper into the reality of academic failure in Secondary education and in contexts of social exclusion, and see first-hand which problems are most commonly encountered and the way to confront them.