El desarrollo de la competencia literaria en los adolescentes a través del Premio Andalucía Joven de Poesía (2001-2010)

  1. González Mairena, Manuel
  1. María Amor Pérez Rodríguez Zuzendaria
  2. Alberto Manuel Ruiz Campos Zuzendaria

Defentsa unibertsitatea: Universidad de Huelva

Fecha de defensa: 2016(e)ko urtarrila-(a)k 22

  1. Manuel Ángel Vázquez Medel Presidentea
  2. Sergio Fernández López Idazkaria
  3. Noelia Ibarra Rius Kidea

Mota: Tesia


In the actual society literature has a supporting role in cultural habits and the students do not feel the need to read literary texts. This work try to analyze why this happens and if possible change themes, readings and points of view with the main of development of the literary competence. We study the concepts of education and competence, the educational laws, and we try to know the literary competence of the Secondary students in Andalucía, preferences and reading habits, in order to devise an educational proposal. This proposal includes texts by young writers from Andalucía, whose forms and themes presuppose more appropriate to the expectations detected in the analysis, most appropriate to promote student motivation toward a meaningful and profitable reading of poetry.