La repercusión de la crisis económica en la segregación ocupacional desde una perspectiva de género

  1. Luque García, Lidia
Supervised by:
  1. David Flores Ruiz Director
  2. María O Barroso González Director

Defence university: Universidad de Huelva

Fecha de defensa: 12 January 2016

  1. Inés Herrero Chair
  2. Emilio Congregado Ramírez de Aguilera Secretary
  3. Francisco Javier Santos Cumplido Committee member

Type: Thesis


The international financial crisis has coincided in Spain and led to the bursting of the construction bubble, which has been and is still a distinctly mail activity, resulting in one of the sectors most affected by unemployment, with spillover effects on other activities. Given the slow and poor prospects for recovery of this activity and other activities 'masculinized' it is producing a recomposition of the labor market draining mostly male workforce into new industries, occupations and professional situations, producing a change in labor and concentration by a different occupational gender segregation that may be structural or merely circumstantial. Based on the study of the causes of labor discrimination against women and a preliminary analysis of the evolution of the Spanish labor market from a gender perspective, we will analyze the characteristics of the activity , employment and unemployment, type of contract and type of working day , and also the increase and investment in human capital of the Spanish woman in recent times. Then we will carry out a study of the existing occupational segregation in European countries by sectors comparing the Spanish case and other countries in crisis environment to check how the crisis has affected the gender occupational segregation especially in the most affected countries thereby. Finally, we will focus on a detailed analysis of the occupational segregation in Spain during the crisis and the beginning of the economic recovery, through concentration indexes, global, partial, Karmel and Maclachlan segregation, in the sectors of activity, industries, professional situations and professional occupations.