Entrepreneurshipfactores de oferta

  1. Mónica Carmona Arango
  2. Antonio Aníbal Golpe Moya
  3. Emilio Congregado Ramírez de Aguilera
Empresa y nueva economía: libro de resúmenes de trabajos presentados a las XI Jornadas Hispano Lusas de Gestión Científica
  1. Carlos Ongallo Chanclón (coord.)

Editorial: Fundación Xavier de Salas

ISBN: 8488861107205

Ano de publicación: 2001

Páxinas: 45

Congreso: Jornadas Hispanolusas de Gestión Científica (11. 2001. Cáceres)

Tipo: Achega congreso


The New Growth Theory has put entrepreneurial network into the center of attention (Krelle, 1987; Dias, 1998; Acemoglu y Zilibotti,1999; Iyigun y Owen, 1999). These models have incorporated an specific human capital -entrepreneurial human capital- as the engine of growth. However, entrepreneurial growth empirics is scarce. The aim of this arricie is to develop new entrepreneurial indicators and econometric models of entrepreneurship and growth in Spain using a pooled time-series/cross-section data set consisting of annual observations on each of the Spanish regions. Existing studies has tended to concéntrate on the relationship among regional development and the intensity of new firms startup. In general, results tend to confirm the expected positive relationship but empirical results show a large degree of variability and give way to more than one interpretation. The inexistence of a well established theoretical model and the kind of explanatory variables and their corresponding indicators, have a great influence in the results.