Geostatistical estimation of the variables related to the cork yield in Cortes de la Frontera (Málaga, Spain)

  1. Anabel Calzado Carretero 1
  2. Enrique Torres 1
  3. Mª Angeles Suárez
  4. Pino Toro, Ana María
  1. 1 Universidad de Huelva

    Universidad de Huelva

    Huelva, España


Suberwood: new challenges for the integration of cork oak forests and products
  1. Vázquez-Piqué, Javier (ed. lit.)
  2. Pereira, Helena (ed. lit.)
  3. González-Pérez, Arantzazu (ed. lit.)

Publisher: Universidad de Huelva ; Centro de Investigación y Documentación del Eucalipto (CIDEU) ; Junta de Andalucía

ISBN: 978-84-96826-47-2 978-84-18628-34-4

Year of publication: 2008

Pages: 165-172

Type: Book chapter


In the present work spatial interaction to the variables related to the cork yield is analysed. The study site is included in the Natural Park "Los Alcornocales", into "Montes Propios de Cor-tes de la Frontera" wood. Data from 50 permanent plots were used. Spatial dependence between plots and spatial dependence between trees into each plot is analysed separately. Finally, spatial autocorrelation was modelyzed and function variograni was fitted by a spherical model for the different considered variables.