Análisis de los estereotipos sexistas en una muestra de estudiantes de Ciencias de la Educación

  1. Martín Berrido, Mercedes
  2. Moreno Sánchez, Emilia
  3. Padilla-Carmona, M. Teresa
  4. Sánchez García, Manuel
Revista de investigación educativa, RIE

ISSN: 0212-4068

Year of publication: 1999

Volume: 17

Issue: 1

Pages: 127-147

Type: Article

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The purpose of this work is to analyze the students of Sciences of Education concepctions about man and woman, in order to detect the existence of possible sexist stereotypes. A questionnaire -composed by several adjectives lists (cognitive, socio-affective and rolls and relationships in classroom characteristics)- has been applied to 437 participants. Data have been analysed through different techniques: count of frequency in which each adjective is assigned to one sex or another, and comparison with the hoped at random frecuency, in order to determine the trend to associate certain adjectives to one of the sexs; multiple correspondences analysis, to verify how adjectives are grouped; and cluster analysis, in order to group students according with their opinions. Final results point out the existence of stereotyped opinions in a considerable proportion of cases.