Caracterización geoquímica del horizonte glauconítico en el límite superior de la Formación Niebla (Tortoniense superior, SO España)datos preliminares

  1. Manuel Abad de los Santos
  2. José Gabriel Pendón Martín
  3. María Luz González-Regalado Montero
  4. Jesús de la Rosa Díaz
  5. Francisco Ruiz Muñoz

ISSN: 0213-683X

Year of publication: 2003

Issue: 35

Pages: 35-38

Type: Article

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An approach to the geochemical characteristics of the tortonian glaucony horizon cropping out along the northern margin of the Guadalquivir Basin is done in this note. The study of glauconite as well as t he host whole rock allows us to identify the glauconite origin discrimintating between its auctochthonous or allochthonous provenance. Results suggest an autochtonous and evolved glauconite derived from a condensed section according to Amorosi (1995) criteria.