Los ostrácodos del horizonte glauconítico inferior de la Formación "Arcillas de Gibraleón"(depresión del Guadalquivir, SO España)

  1. Francisco Ruiz Muñoz
  2. José Gabriel Pendón Martín
  3. María Luz González-Regalado Montero
  4. Manuel Abad de los Santos
  5. Jesús de la Rosa Díaz
  6. Josep Tosquella Angrill

ISSN: 0213-683X

Year of publication: 2004

Issue: 37

Pages: 215-218

Type: Article

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The analysis of the ostracod assemblages collected in the lower glauconitic horizon of the Arcillas de Gibraleon Formation permits to delimitate two levels: a) Basal level, with the presence of infralittoral, outer platform and even bathyal species, indicative of a condensed section with the evolution from subaerial environments to outer platform environments in a 60 cm-thickness interval; and b) Upper level, deposited in a outer platform-upper bathyal environment, according to the glaucony features and the ostracod assemblages.