Concentración y fraccionamiento de Tierras Raras en el agua del sistema fluvio-marino del río Tinto (SO de España)

  1. Rosa Díaz, Jesús de la
  2. Carro, Berta M.
  3. López González, Nieves
  4. Grande Gil, José Antonio
  5. Lozano Soria, Olivia
  6. Borrego Flores, José

ISSN: 0213-683X

Year of publication: 2005

Issue: 38

Pages: 151-154

Type: Article

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The REE concentration in the water of the Tinto river decreases from the fluvial sector (1098.63 ?g·l-1) to the zone of greater marine influence (0.33 ?g·l-1) showing a strong longitudinal gradient in the estuarine mixing zone, where conductivity goes from 10 to 50 mS·cm-1 and pH from 3 to 6. The fluvial sector shows a typical fractionation pattern of acid environments, with a convex morphology centered in the Gd. In agreement we approached the marine sector of the estuary, with conductivities greater than 50 mS·cm-1 and pH bigger than 6, this model evolves towards a fractionation pattern with a clear depletion in LREE that preferably are adsorbed on the particle surfaces.