Environmental management in hotel units of the province of Huelva (Spain)

  1. Alfonso Vargas Sánchez
  2. Rosa María Vaca Acosta
  3. Elena García de Soto Camacho
Revista Turismo & Desenvolvimento

ISSN: 1645-9261

Year of publication: 2007

Issue: 7-8

Pages: 33-42

Type: Article

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  • Social Sciences: C


In this paper, the characterization of the hotels located in the Spanish province of Huelva was carried out from three points of view. First, the level of development of their systems of environmental management; secondly, the vision that the people in charge of these units have of the consequences of environmental measures on the competitiveness of the company, and finally, the managers' perception of the influence of a series of factors which pressurized the adoption of these environmental measures. The possible link among these three elements is also treated, and a statistically significant and strong (positive) relation between the level of development of environmental management systems and the level of pressure exerted by the determining factors of the environmental preoccupation of the company was found. This did not happen with the perception of the relation company-environment. The control variables, category, type of location and size of the hotel which were considered, do not seem to condition these co-relations. The methodology used includes a univariable, bivariable and multivariable statistical treatment.