Actitud y comportamiento medioambiental de las Pymeun estudio comparativo

  1. Toledano Garrido, Nuria
  2. Gessa Perera, Ana
Economía industrial

ISSN: 0422-2784

Year of publication: 2009

Issue Title: Industria y medio ambiente : el reto de la sostenibilidad

Issue: 371

Pages: 183-192

Type: Article

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In today´s context, it is clear the need of integrating the environmental factor in the business management. In this paper, after a bibliographical review, we will analyse the environmental attitude and behaviour of small and medium sized businesses (SME) in the Spanish province of Huelva. First, we will study the level of perception of the impacts of their activity in the environmental and then, we will focus in analysing the features and major factors that define the «environmental respectful behaviour» in this kind of business, comparing them to those that define this attitude in bigger organizations, usually more concerned and aware