La falla normal de bajo ángulo de Tejedaun ejemplo de la deformación miocena en las Béticas centrales.

  1. Alonso Chaves, Francisco Manuel
  2. Orozco Fernández, Miguel
  3. García Dueñas, Víctor
  4. Mayoral Alfaro, Eduardo Jesús

ISSN: 0213-683X

Year of publication: 1994

Issue: 17

Pages: 131-132

Type: Article

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The existence of a major extensional fault in Sierra Tejeda, Central Betics, developed during the middle Miocene, is evidenced. The Tejeda, Venta de Palma, Bentomiz and Alcaiceria units make up the hanging-wall o f the fault. These units are tilted tow ard the N and NE. The collapse of the thinned crust of Alboran Domain is related with extensional origin of the contacts between units. Middle MioceneTortonian age deposits of the Granada basin seal the Tejeda extensional fault (FET)