Estudio de plagioclasas de granitoides híbridos del Macizo Ibérico mediante microscopía de Interferencia de Contraste Nomarski.

  1. Rosa Díaz, Jesús de la
  2. Quintero, M.

ISSN: 0213-683X

Year of publication: 1995

Issue: 18

Pages: 165-169

Type: Article

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Nomarski microscopy has revealed strong zoning in plagioclases of hybrid graitoids of Gerena massif (Seville Range batholith) consisting of oscillatory, hiatus, dendritic and resorption zones which can repeat several times in the same crystal. This features inform about the complexity of hybridization and its can be used as distin ctive o f plagioclases gen era ted after magma mixing p ro c es s. This is the case o f microgranular enclave plagioclases of Los Pedroches batholith