Patrimonio Geológico y Ecoturismo.

  1. Mayoral Alfaro, Eduardo Jesús
  2. Muñiz Guinea, Fernando
  3. Oñate Ruiz, Francisco
  4. Arambarri Cazalis, Pablo de
  5. Miras Ruiz, Adolfo

ISSN: 0213-683X

Year of publication: 1995

Issue: 19

Pages: 198-200

Type: Article

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Uncontroled activities related with the ecotourism in the Natural Parks may constitute an important danger in order to the conservation of their Geologic Patrimony. An example is the zone so called Cerro del Hierro, qualified at present, as Exceptional Natural Place, and located into the Parque Natural Sierra Norte de Sevilla. Systematic spoliation of fossils (Lower Cambrian) and minerals and the progressive destruction of the karstic landscape by activities carried-in at the open air, are the main menaces