Episodios cuaternarios de sedimentación química en la cueva de Los Covachos (Almadén de la Plata, Sevilla)

  1. Rodríguez Vidal, Joaquín
  2. Álvarez García, Genaro
  3. Alcaraz Pelegrina, José Manuel
  4. Martínez Aguirre, Aránzazu
  5. Cáceres Puro, Luis Miguel
  6. Cantano Martín, Mercedes
  7. Caro Gómez, José Antonio

ISSN: 0213-683X

Year of publication: 2000

Issue: 29

Pages: 107-110

Type: Article

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  • Dialnet Métricas Cited by: 1 (25-02-2024)


The geological and geomorphological studies in Los Covachos cave reveal a wide collection of speleothems and a thick archaeological stratigraphies. Both isotopie dating of speleothems C^ThP^U) and charcoal layers C4C), in chemical and terrigenous sediments, show a Quaternary sequence of palaeoenvironmental evolution related with an alternating phases of biostatic and rhexistatic genesis. The first ones are partially situated in a warm and wet isotopie stages (7, 5, 3, and 1) and the others in a wider warm and dry stages (6, 4 and 2)