Geografía(s) de la nostalgia: textualidad, diáspora y hospitalidad en la videoinstalación Soledad y compañía de Hannah Collins

  1. Pérez Cebada, Juan Diego
Cuadernos de Música, Artes Visuales y Artes Escénicas

ISSN: 2215-9959

Any de publicació: 2013

Volum: 8

Número: 1

Pàgines: 59-86

Tipus: Article

Altres publicacions en: Cuadernos de Música, Artes Visuales y Artes Escénicas


This article explores the meditation that Hannah Collins develops in her video installation Solitude and Company (2008-2010) on the relationship between the hybrid identity of postcolonial immigrants and the idea of hospitality as an ethics of diaspora. In the light of concepts such as non-place, textuality, micro-narratives, hybridity, double consciousness, and diaspora introduced by postmodern theory, it shows how the performative discourses of the Al- gerian immigrants symbolically activate the visual space of the abandoned warehouse, and how this agency enacts an imaginary, nostalgic and utopian geography which deconstructs the opposition bet- ween the territory of the self-host (the �citizen� of the postcolonial nation) and the mutilated original home of the other-foreigner (the inmigrant, the diasporic subject). The analysis concludes that inas- much as it is the condition of possibility of cultural hybridity in the diaspora, this deconstructive geo- graphy is the foundation of a hospitable encounter between different subjectivities in a postcolonial context �the ethical encounter that underlies the viewer�s aesthetic experience.