Utilización de residuos industriales para la neutralización de Drenaje Ácido de Mina (AMD)ensayos de lixiviación en columnas

  1. R. Pérez López
  2. J.M. Nieto
  3. A.M. Sarmiento
  4. G.R. Almodóvar
Geotemas (Madrid)

ISSN: 1576-5172

Year of publication: 2004

Issue Title: IV Congreso Geológico de España (Zaragoza, 12-15 julio, 2004)

Issue: 6

Pages: 211-214

Type: Article

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The oxidative dissolution of a pyrite-rich sludge from the Iberian Pyrite Belt, the generation of acid mine drainage, and the potential use of several industrial residues (fly ash and granite sludge) to neutralize the acidity and reduce the high metal content of the drainage, have been studied in column experiments. A column fills only with sulphide sludge produce a highly acidic drainage (pH »2) very rich in sulphate and metals. The drainage of columns fill with sulphide sludge and fly ash is characterized by high pH values (pH » W), very low sulphate content, and the lack of iron and other metals in solution. However, columns fills with sulphide and granite sludge produce an acidic drainage rich in sulphates and metals, although the pH of the drainage (pH » 3.5) is higher than the one from the column only with sulphide sludge.