Análisis crítico y comparado de los regímenes jurídicos de prohibición de drogas

  1. Gómez Sañudo, Mauricio
Supervised by:
  1. Carlos Petit Calvo Director
  2. Andrés Botero Bernal Director

Defence university: Universidad de Huelva

Fecha de defensa: 19 February 2021

  1. Elena Larrauri Chair
  2. María Nieves Saldaña Díaz Secretary
  3. Manuel Martínez Neira Committee member

Type: Thesis


The international system of prohibition or control over certain drugs and psychotropic substances has become the axis of multiple and controversial stateinterventions in whlch large sectlons of the population are often affected. Likewise, this repressive and punitive system obeys, to a large extent, the extrapolation of issues of internal politics in the United States and has served the rulers of that nation as one of the favorlte tools for its geopolltical agenda, achleving the maximization of American interests through the implementation of anti·drug policies, as well as the subjugation of the governments of other countries. From the historical, critical and comparative analysls of the prohibition regimes imposed internationally since the last century, the true reasons that have motivated the implementation of the international drug prohibition reglme are revealed and their implications as a fundamental element in the marginalizatlon mechanisms that today impact millions of human beings around the nlanet. In such a wav that the imolementation of the fight anainst druas has led the failure of the modern project for many, at the same time that it constitutes one of the least successful public policies in contemporary societies.