Pérdida y Afrontamiento en DesempleadosAdaptación del Inventario Texas Revisado de Duelo a la Situación de Pérdida de Empleo

  1. Carmen Díaz
  2. Yolanda Navarro Abal
  3. José Antonio Climent
  4. Elena Ortega
  5. María José López-López
  6. Jesús Casado
Revista iberoamericana de diagnóstico y evaluación psicológica

ISSN: 1135-3848

Year of publication: 2016

Volume: 2

Issue: 42

Pages: 111-124

Type: Article

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This study firstly apply the Texas Revised Inventory of Grief (TRIG) in a context of job loss. Participants in this study were 217 unemployed in the city of Huelva. An items analysis and internal consistency reliability was computed obtaining alpha coefficients of .85 and .90 in each part of the instrument. The exploratory factor analysis extracted two factors similar to those in the original questionnaire. In order to obtain validity evidence, cluster analysis in two stages was performed, showing that participants fitted into two clusters, one associated with prolonged and the other with less intensity grief. No differences regarding age and sex in the intensity of grief was found, but regarding the length of unemployment and responsibility on the family income. An avoidant coping style was found in people with more intense grief.