Contribución al conocimiento de la biología floral del género Lavandula L. IILavandula stoechas L. subsp. stoechas

  1. Muñoz Rodríguez, Adolfo Francisco
  2. Devesa Alcaraz, Juan Antonio
Anales del Jardín Botánico de Madrid

ISSN: 0211-1322

Year of publication: 1987

Volume: 44

Issue: 1

Pages: 11-22

Type: Article

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Several aspects of the floral biology of Lavandula stoechas L. subsp. stoechas are studied: pollen germinability, stigmatic receptivity, nectar production, floral longevity, dymanics of floral appearance on the inflorescences as well as fruit and seed set. The taxon is selfcompatible, as demonstrated by controlled pollinations, and shows a marked protandry at both flower and inflorescence. Stigmatic receptivity is anticipated by the visits of pollinators. Nectar secretion rate and fruiting success are maximum for the first opening flowers of the inflorescence. The differences in fruiting success among flowers of an inflorescence are discussed in terms of resource limitations.