Monumental sector in the archaeological site of Valencina de la Concepción (Seville):Research in the area from »La Pastora«

  1. Juan Manuel Vargas Jiménez
  2. Luis Miguel Cáceres Puro
  3. Joaquín Rodríguez Vidal
  4. Teodosio Donaire Romero
  5. Fernando Muñiz Guinea
International Conference Megaliths, Societies, Landscapes. Early Monumentality and Social Differentiation in Neolithic Europe (2015. Kiel) Megaliths, societies, landscapes: early monumentality and social differentiation in Neolithic Europe : proceedings of the international conference 16th-20th june 2015 in Kiel
  1. Johannes Müller (ed. lit.)
  2. Martin Hinz (ed. lit.)
  3. Maria Wunderlich (ed. lit.)

Publisher: Verlag Dr. Rudolf Habelt GmbH

ISBN: 978-3-7749-4213-4

Year of publication: 2019

Volume Title: Volume 1

Tome: 1

Volume: 1

Pages: 367-388

Type: Book chapter


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