Los adolescentes y los videojuegos

  1. López López, María José
  2. León Jariego, Rodrigo
Apuntes de Psicología

ISSN: 0213-3334

Year of publication: 2003

Volume: 21

Issue: 1

Pages: 5

Type: Article

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The appearance of the videogames as a form of children and adolescents entertainment has raised a great polemic and concern about the posible negative consequences it could have on the development and the behavior of those that use videogames on a regular basis. In this work 207 adolescents between 10 and 17 years old from different primary and secondary school centers in Huelva were selected. The results indicate that the degree of implantation of this activity is quite high, appearing apparent differences associated to the gender: most of videoplayers are male, spending more than twice the time used by female players in videogames. On the other hand, videoplayers and non videoplayers don¿t differ significantly neither from the academic achievement neither from the basic structure of personality.