La «Triada Oscura de la Personalidad» y tácticas de retención de pareja

  2. Mª José LÓPEZ LÓPEZ
Apuntes de Psicología

ISSN: 0213-3334

Year of publication: 2017

Volume: 35

Issue: 2

Pages: 105-116

Type: Article

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The main objective of this study has been analyzed in the Dark Triad Personality and the retention tactics of couple in a sample of general population. Likewise, specific objectives are to determine the incidence of Triada traits in the sample, as well as to study the existence of differences in the retention tactics of couples based on sex, the emotional situation and the sexual orientation of the participants. A cross-sectional design was carried out and an ex post facto selective methodology was followed. The sample consisted of 229 people aged between 17 and 62 years and was selected by means of an accidental online sampling. For data collection, three questionnaires were applied; The Dirty Dozen (DD), Mate Retention Inventory Short-Form (MRI-SF) and Protocol for the Collection of Sociodemographic Information. The results obtained show that men present a greater TRIOPE than women, these apply greater retention tactics of couple, and that the people who live with their partner they use more retention tactics of couple