Un proceso, dos finales. Relato de dos mujeres mastectomizadas

  1. Esperanza Begoña García Navarro
  2. Rosa Pérez Espina
  3. Sonia García Navarro
Archivos de la Memoria

ISSN: 1699-602X

Year of publication: 2009

Issue: 6

Type: Article

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Oncologic sick people care has been and, in fact, is currently being the aim of much research,. This report want to be a piece of evidence of all kind of real necessities that people who suffer from cancer have in their disease development, whatever the prognosis could be. Being a sick woman produces part problems in the family and, above all, problems concerning the woman herself, provoking a feeling of guilty in the face of being ill and, sometimes, unfortunately, an awful ending. Morover, it can be added the trauma of suffering so overwhelming changes in their bodies, in their own female identity, changes which are produced by the breast loss and the children separation. So, two women with so different progress related to the same process tell us about their fears, their rage, their achievements; all in all they both recount the story of their own experiencies.