Sustainable Urban RaceProject Based Learning for Scientific-Technical Vocations During 2018-2021 Editions

  1. B. Millán Prior 1
  2. J. Pino Fernández 1
  3. D. Ruiz Castilla 1
  4. Y. Ceada Garrido 1
  5. J. Ríos Gutiérrez 1
  6. J. Barragán Piña 1
  7. J.M. Enrique Gómez 1
  8. D. Tejada Guzmán 1
  9. J. Gamero López 1
  10. J.M. Andújar Márquez 1
  1. 1 Universidad de Huelva

    Universidad de Huelva

    Huelva, España


Actas de las IV Jornadas ScienCity 2021: Fomento de la Cultura Científica, Tecnológica y de Innovación en Ciudades Inteligentes
  1. Tomás de J. Mateo Sanguino (coord.)
  2. José Manuel Lozano Domínguez (coord.)
  3. Manuel J. Redondo González (coord.)
  4. Iñaki J. Fernández de Viana González (coord.)
  5. Miguel Ángel Rodríguez Román (coord.)

Publisher: Universidad de Huelva

ISBN: 9798410791717

Year of publication: 2022

Pages: 54-57

Congress: Jornadas ScienCity (4. 2021. Huelva)

Type: Conference paper


Project-based learning (PBL) has been widely used in technical studies and engineering education and has been traditionally associated with student engagement and providing user experience. Currently there is a lack of interest and a reduction in students in technical qualifications. As a way to improve the situation, authors have devised a project that motivates students to enrol in technical degrees through PBL: a challenge based in the design and construction of an electric (solar-powered) vehicle by preuniversity students, to later carry out a public competition between participant centres. In this way, authors intend to increase the engagement of preuniversity students with technical studies while promoting ecological awareness. There is an increased need for engineers and scientists since most of current products must be redesigned to be more environmentally responsible. This paper describes the projectcarried out at the University of Huelva together with preuniversity schools, as well as some of the results obtained during 2018 - 2021 editions of this project.