La arquitectura doméstica urbana en la ciudad de Arucci (Aroche, Huelva)una aproximación a partir de la domus de peristilo

  1. Amanda López Sánchez
  2. Javier Bermejo Meléndez
Onoba: revista de arqueología y antigüedad

ISSN: 2340-4027

Year of publication: 2022

Issue: 10

Pages: 139-156

Type: Article

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Urban housing can provide information of enormous relevance for reflection on the Roman past by allowing for the approach and resolution of questions of a very diverse nature about society. This paper will contemplate the architectural and functional study of the Domus de Peristilo of the hispanorroman city of Arucci (Aroche, Huelva), in order to present a general overview of housing and the domestic architecture of the city, but also of the urbanism, economic, political, social and cultural framework in which it is inserted. In doing so, we will attempt to reconcile the disparate situation that characterizes this type of studies, traditionally relegated to a secondary plane of importance in favor of the analysis of monumental public buildings, while we will stressing the need to increase them in a short and medium-term future.