El acueducto de Onoba AestuariaAnálisis Arqueo-arquitectónico

  1. Rafael González Domínguez
  2. Javier Bermejo Meléndez
  3. Alberto Bermejo Meléndez
  4. Francisco Marfil Vázquez
  5. Lucía Fernández Sutilo
  6. Juan Manuel Campos Carrasco
  7. Amanda López Sánchez
Actas del X Encuentro de Arqueología del Suroeste Peninsular
  1. Javier Jiménez Ávila (ed. lit.)
  2. Macarena Bustamante-Álvarez (ed. lit.)
  3. Francisco Javier Mora Heras (ed. lit.)

Publisher: Ayuntamiento de Zafra

ISBN: 978-84-09-45162-3

Year of publication: 2022

Pages: 986

Congress: Encuentro de Arqueología del Suroeste Peninsular (10. 2018. Zafra (Badajoz))

Type: Conference paper


The knowledge we had so far about the aqueduct that provided water to the town of Huelva until the mid 50s of the 20thcentury was restricted to a few meters of galleries, to which we could have access from the architectonic remains placedin the site known as Fuente Vieja. The meters of gallery that depart from the Fuente Vieja are the most visible testimony ofthis work of hydraulic engineering, which has been acceptably preserved until these days. However, the lack of a detailedarchaeological study of the known structures as well as of the hydraulic works in general encouraged the Area of Archaeologyof the University of Huelva to carry out an archaeological study on the remaining hydraulic structures. This interventionhas resulted into the location of the several structures, the establishment of a chronology of the original construction and ofthe different phases of remodelling, as well as the description of the diachronic sequence of the aqueduct.